Thursday, January 14, 2016

WEEK ONE (plus one day!)

Like I said before, our Preparation day was on a Thursday and they didn't give it to us last week because we were brand new. So I AM SO HAPPY TO WRITE HOME NOW. <3

The first few days of the MTC felt like years. But they were so much fun! I have learned so much and I am super excited to be in the field in FIVE DAYS. I am grateful for the experiences I have had here because they have all caused me to humble myself before the Lord and grow. 

Helpful tip to future missionaries: Please obey the rules and schedule as much as possible, they are inspired and put there for a reason and I promise you that you will be blessed. 

The food here is great! I have tried to stay reasonably healthy and it is paying off! I haven't gained any weight yet. (Desperately knocks on wood) 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the dearElders and packages. All of them have given me MUCH comfort and support. I have so much food in my dorm, including a 2lb bag of sweedish fish and Ritz crackers. Those wil always remind me of the MTC now haha! MOM THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MINTS. I needed some badly because gum is not allowed. Grandma, I got your package yesterday and have already eaten like half of the loaf. hehe 

Gym time is so much fun. I have played a lot of basketball and I have been doing REALLY GOOD at it. Thanks dad for all of those times when we shot hoops on teaching me how to play. (BTW I am trying to type really fast on a crappy keyboard so forgive grammar and spelling.) 

My district is great! We have all really bonded and I feel like all of the sisters are like big sisters to me. The Elders and I have all REALLY bonded and we all are like big bros. My companion, Elder Wilde is great at giving me support at the low times and he always has the funniest things to say. 

Devotionals are SO COOL. And on Tuesday, ELDER ANDERSON FROM THE QUORUM OF THE TWELVE CAME. He was so cool and he simply talked about the Gospel. Sometimes the simple things are the most important! On Sunday we had a Preisthood Devotional with Elder Neilson, a seventy over missionaries for something and he gave a REALLY good talk on revelation. LOTS OF GOOD NOTES. Speaking of notes: Try taking notes on sketchbook paper! It is so cool so see where your mind takes you if you draw or write whatever and wherever the spirit wants you to!

One of the most important things you'll learn at the MTC is how much you don't know. You learn to rely heavily on the Spirit and to prepare lessons. My teachers have been great at allowing ourselves to learn by the spirit.

Our TRC (investigator) visits did not go well. He argued a lot with us and Elder Wilde and I got super lost. We didn't get to teach much. I started to get a lot of feelings of inadequacy and was putting myself down, then I realized that sometimes this will happen. So far, I have only "role played" or seen only perfect examples, and sometimes, people are not ready. Also, Elder Wilde and I could've done a little better job at preparing but it was our first investigator ever and we are brand new. And I have learned a lot.

I KNOW my Savior lives. I know that he provided us with a way to get back to our Heavenly Father through His sacrifice. I know that hard work pays off. I know there is little comfort in the growth zone, but little growth in the comfort zone. I love you all so much and I would love to get letters from you all. I am leaving the MTC on Tuesday morning at 3:30 AM to go to Vancouver so the next time I write you will probably not be until next next Monday. Love ya'll!

Elder Sims

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