Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 15

Stake Conference was so great! One of our investigators came and after that we toured the Portland Oregon temple, with permission from President Ferrin. :) The temple is just like a few miles outside of our mission boundaries so we have to get permission. My area in which I serve (Colonial Heights/Mt Tabor Wards) is right on the border of my mission. It sucks sometimes because members sometime want to eat at a restaurant and it's not in our mission LOL. THANKS OPM (Oregon Portland Mission). BACK TO STAKE CONFERENCE. Both Elder Grow and Sister Oscarson mentioned that they had family in the Portland, Oregon Stake, which is our stake!! I LOVED Elder Hamula's talk! He talked a lot about fearing not in the things to come in the world, and keeping your eyes fixed on the Savior. How true is that! I also loved Elder Renlund's talk. It is SO important to remember how our church is unique and one of the reasons it is Christ's church. It is based on Priesthood Keys and Revelation. Christ's church came back on to earth not just by reading the Bible and guessing what His church was like, it came by solemnly pondering over the scriptures, asking the Lord with faith, and receiving an answer through divine revelation. That is what happened in the First Vision with a young boy named Joseph Smith. -- A cool pattern -> This is the same way that we find out for ourselves if the church is true, by studying and pondering over the scriptures, asking God with a sincere heart through prayer, and receiving and ACTING upon the answer you receive. Test this pattern in the scriptures (Like the Book of Enos!), God only answers us when we ask. Test it for yourself!

It has been cold and rainy all week long. Each morning is either freezing or a sauna because our heaters have no middle ground. Each morning, I have forced myself to wake up, pray and jump into my exercise clothes and exercise. The missionary schedule is becoming a lot easier to follow now. I am getting used to the stuff and I am focusing on improving my missionary work. Elder Clarke is a great trainer, he's been an Assistant to the President for six months and he has less weeks than I have months. He's got a lot of knowledge and e's a great missionary. Since the Cherry Park Elders don't have a car, we spend a lot of time with them. Since I am the greenie, I do become the target of being picked on every once and a while. :S

As far as packages DO NOT SEND ME CANDY. I mean that in the nicest way. Can I get the address to Heather McVey's address so I can send a thank you note? I also got a package from Jamie and Grandma! Jamie sent me some of those bars that I like (YEah, I'm good on bars too LOL) and grandma sent me some of those cookies. The chocolate covered Oreo things. I threw them away, and when the other Elders figured out where they were from, they pinned me to the ground and literally forced me to eat them all. HAHA. Elder Barton took video so I have evidence.

Talk recommendations:

"Becoming a Missionary" by Elder Bednar in October 2005. Great for
those preparing to serve a mission and everyone else.

"Miracles of the Restoration" by Jeffery R. Holland in October 1994. Just great.

- Elder Sims

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